The Division of Communications/Public Affairs is charged with the responsibility to promote and manage media and public relations within the Ministry of Labor. Since the task of the Division is a management function, it reports directly to the office of the Minister.


  • Promote and coordinate all media relations within the Ministry as well as response to media inquiries where necessary;
  • Create awareness on major programs and activities through the utilization of print and Electronic Media;
  • Review and analyze the daily newspapers, as well as monitored radio and television news and programs to identify stories relating to the Ministry of Labor and its partner;
  • Develop a Communication Strategy to promote programs of the Ministry in order to influence the behavior of audience/general public.
  • Ensure that the Ministry of Labour “Facebook page” remains functional and regularly updated current with events. Currently, the page has over six thousand viewers and receives many comments daily.


  • In efforts to promote the PAPD of the Government of Liberia, the Division on behalf of the Ministry launched for the first time in the history of the Ministry “The Labour Diary Newspaper” to increase public awareness of various programs and activities of the Ministry as well as provide education and information to stakeholders of the labour sector of Liberia.
  • The Division coordinated and provided full media coverage of the National Labor Conference which was held in November 2018 in Monrovia under the theme: “A Decent Workforce Under one Labor Law”. The organized by the Ministry of Labour and partners.
  • Provided coverage on the review of the National Action Plan on Anti-Human Trafficking, held in  Buchanan, Grand Bassa County; on the observance of World Day Against Trafficking In-Persons (TIP) which was the first in the history of Liberia as well as the celebration of  the World Day Against Child Labour organized by the National Commission on Child Labour;
  • In 2018, arranged and coordinated six (6) press conferences, twelve (12) interviews and sixteen (16) talk-shows held with the Minister, Deputy and Assistant Ministers as well as the Media Consultant and Communication Director;
  • Ran radio jingles and announcements on both national and community radio stations on the Nationwide Joint Inspections;
  • Accompanied the Minister and other senior staff to major events outside of the Ministry;
  • Participated in the drafting and validation of a Communication Strategy on the Fight Against Trafficking In-Persons (TIPs) in Liberia for Law Enforcement Officers organized by the ILO.

The Division is currently headed by Mr. Joseph Kortu Nyandibo, Director and assisted by Mr. Adonis C. Paasewe.