Inspectorate Division


The Division of Inspectorate is the policing arm of the Ministry of Labor charge with the duties to monitor and enforce the Labor Practices Law of Liberia. This Division makes sure that both managements and employees conform to the National Labour standards through regular or routine, follow-ups and special inspections exercises in the formal and informal sector.


The Division’s mission is to secure a Decent Work Environment throughout the Republic of Liberia.


As the enforcement arm of the Ministry, the responsibilities of the division include but not limited to the following:

  • The Division provides quarterly training through workshop for its inspectors so as to constantly abreast them with the Decent Work Act of 2015;
  • The Division being cognizant of the gap between employees and employers is also involve in educating them about their rights and obligations under the Law and ensures compliance with the provision in the Decent Work Act of 2015; thou mitigating wrongful termination and gross insubordination;
  • The Division is also responsible to conduct a year round routine exercise, mass special and follow-up inspections, and on the spot investigations to ensure that employees and employers conform to the Labour practices laws of Liberia;
  • As Child Labor is gradually on the increase, the Division had begun providing education on the Prevention of Child Labor to employers, parents, and guidance and how they can be minimized or eliminated.