Public Procurement in Liberia is estimated to account for a significant component of the national budget. Based on this recognition, the Division of Procurement is clothed with the responsibilities of ensuring that all objects of procurement such as goods, works and services are effectively and efficiently procured or purchased in compliance with the Public Procurement and Concessions Act of 2010, in an effort to maximize economy and obtain the best value for public expenditures.

In compliance with the PPC Act, the Ministry of Labour has established an organized procurement structure which includes:

  1. Procurement Committee

This committee is headed by the Minister and four other officials to include the Deputy Minister for Administration, Deputy Minister for Planning, the
Comptroller and the Special Assistant to the Minister. The Procurement Director serves as secretary to this committee.

  • The Procurement Unit

This Unit is headed by the Director of Procurement, an assistant Director and five supporting procurement staff, two of whom are assigned with the division of warehouse.

Mission/Objectives of the Unit

  • The Procurement Unit is organized to ensure that economy and efficiency is maximized and best value for money is obtained
  • To ensure competition in the procurement process, providing equal access without discrimination to all eligible and qualified providers of goods, works and services
  • To ensure the promotion of economic development of Liberia through promoting the growth of an indigenous Liberian Private Sector
  • To ensure the observance of corporate manner in the procurement process and the upholding of the principles of procurement such as integrity, accountability, professionalism, fairness, transparency, etc.

Functions of the Procurement Unit

The functions of the Procurement Unit are carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement and Concessions Act and applicable regulations established by the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission. These functions include:

  • Preparing the entity’s procurement plan as contemplated by section 40 of the PPC Act and updating such plan as required.
  • Preparing  invitations to bid, requests for quotation, requests for  proposals and bidding documents, including schedules and specifications;
  • Publishing and distributing  invitations to bid, requests for quotation, requests for proposals and bidding documents;
  • Receiving and safeguarding bids;
  • Conducting bid opening procedures in accordance with Section 61 of this Act;
  • Performing secretarial and administrative services for the Entity’s Procurement Committee;
  • Ensuring that the procurement procedures to be followed are in strict conformity with the provisions of the Act, its operating regulations and guidelines;
  • Monitoring and administering the performance of contracts;
  • Assessing the quality of the procured goods, works and services;
  • Maintain a database of all suppliers, contractors and consultants;
  • Maintain a profile of the past performance of suppliers, contractors and consultants with respect to their performance of contracts awarded under this Act.
  • Collaborate with department heads to ensure that all procurement needs for the ministry and projects are met in the most reliable economical and timely manner.