Workmen’s Compensation & Industrial Safety


This division is one of the operational arms of the Ministry of Labour and is clothed with the responsibility to ensure compliance with the Health & Safety Policy by Employers organization at the work place. This division is headed by a Director plus two other staffs to include a Health and Safety Officer.

The health & safety officer is also charged with the responsibility to conduct field inspection for the health policy at every entity. As copy of the policy is received and brought to the division for review as to whether it is in harmony with the Decent Work Act of 2015.

When the policy is received and found to be in compliance, the institution is immediately notified and the safety officer pays an unannounced visit to conduct physical inspection to verify the content of the policy. When lapses are discovered, the management of that institution is advised to take corrective measures to ensure compliance .Companies whose polices are not in adherence with the Decent Work Act, are written as well and given a period of twenty eight (28) working days to reproduce and submit for revision and those without policies are given a period of ten (10) working days to produce and submit same for revision.

The safety officer will also report cases of occupational injuries to the division. When such cases are received, the entity concerned is immediately contacted to ensure that injured employees are given proper medical attention and where need be, the injured employee received compensation, and same will be paid under the supervision of the division in keeping with the decent work act.

OBECTIVES: To establish a legal framework for the purposes of:

  • Securing the safety, health and welfare of employees and other persons at work.
  • Reducing to the minimum or eliminating the source of risk to the safety, health and welfare of employees and other persons at work.
  • Providing for the involvement of workers ,employers and organizations representing those persons, in the formulation and implementation of safety, health and welfare standards.
  • Ensuring that employees who suffer injuries or diseases as a consequence of his employment shall be entitled to compensation.


The safety officer to the division was just sanctioned and began to work three weeks ago. Notwithstanding the team of health and safety was able to visit some institutions including Monrovia Breweries, CEMENCO, Metalum etc., and brought in some policies that have been received. The field inspections continue to gather information and in subsequent time we will provide more information with photos of activities attached.

For other assigned tasks, between October- December 2018 to January 2019, we issued contractual certificates (totally 17 certificates) and generated US 1,700.00 (one thousand seven hundred united states Dollars). To name a few of the institutions issued: Natural Resource Corp, Muja Security, PAKLIB, etc.

For redundancy executed, MNG Gold, Dean’s Town Bong County-80 persons SSF Private Brewerville 31 persons.

There are several other applications for Labour Certificates that are being reviewed, likewise redundancy requests pending execution.